The Don’ts of Finding Proof of Adultery

A Clemson private investigator knows how heartbreaking it is to suspect that your spouse is cheating on you. The marriage vows and years of happiness are suddenly meaningless for the person who promised to love you and be faithful to you. If you want solid proof of adultery, you must resist the temptation of spying on your spouse – especially on smart devices. 

Since your next decision will likely be to file for divorce, you must make sure that any evidence is obtained in a lawful manner and will be allowed by the judge. For this important reason, avoid these five don’ts in looking for proof of infidelity.

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Don’t Check Your Spouse’s Phone

You look on the living room coffee table and notice that your spouse left their mobile phone there. This is the perfect moment to look for photos, messages, and chats with the person they are having an affair with.

Don’t do it. Even if you know their phone password, you are still violating your spouse’s privacy and committing an offense. Instead of getting the proof you are looking for, you may end up charged with the crime of eavesdropping.

Don’t Go Through Their Emails

If you and your spouse share a laptop, they may have saved their login details to access the email account faster. Even if this is the case, you are still not allowed to log in and start reading their emails.

It does not even matter if you see the email account on display on the laptop screen. You are still not allowed to access private messages meant only for your spouse. You cannot even forward incriminatory emails to your own email account.

The only exception to this rule is if your spouse redirects to you an email by mistake or unwittingly adds you as a CC to a message. In this situation, as a valid recipient of the message, you can use the information in any way you want.

Don’t Open Your Spouse’s Mail

Violating someone’s correspondence is a federal crime. Thus, even if the address on the envelope is your home address, if you are not the intended recipient you do not have the right to open an envelope.

It does not matter that you and your spouse were used to opening each other’s mail. When it comes to proving infidelity in court, this argument does not hold water.

do not spy your spouse's mobile phone for evidence of cheating

Don’t Record Their Conversations

Recording phone calls is illegal under South Carolina law if at least one of the parties does not agree to it. Thus, you can legally record your conversations with your spouse, or any group calls to which you are a party. 

However, you cannot record your spouse’s conversations with a third party without their consent. The respective recording will not be admitted as evidence and you will be charged with eavesdropping. 

A licensed Clemson private investigator can obtain evidence of infidelity in a lawful manner. The evidence we present is clear and conclusive, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Don’t Access Their Messaging and Social Media Apps

People reveal a lot about themselves on social media. Even their list of friends can provide a clue to their lifestyle and hobbies. Can you also find proof of adultery on your spouse’s social media accounts?

Probably yes, but you cannot go looking for this evidence on your own. Opening an app or logging into any account that is not yours is unlawful. The only exception is accessing the information that is publicly available on the internet to anyone conducting a simple search on a person.

Thus, if your spouse made her posts public and you can access them as any regular internet user, you can use the information. But you cannot copy it while logged into their accounts.

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