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Are you in need of Clemson Private Investigators? Always trust your intuition and instincts. If you have a gut feeling that something does not add up, chances are that something is not right.

It may be that you think that an employee is skimming from the till or that your spouse is stepping out on you. Whatever the case, you will need evidence of the wrongdoing… Proof that can stand in court.

If you suspect any wrongdoing, you can rely on our skilled and experienced investigators at Upstate Private Investigators to carry out surveillance on your behalf and provide you with evidence of the suspected wrongdoing that is admissible in court.

Should you decide to take your case to trial, the evidence that we gather can be exactly what you need to win.

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What Does Surveillance Entail?

The term surveillance refers to close observation of an object, area or person. Surveillance usually involves keenly observing a subject with a view of documenting what they do and where they are.

What Are Some Instances When Surveillance Can Be Carried Out?

There are many instances when you can choose to carry out surveillance. They include:

  • When you are searching for a missing person
  • When you suspect that your partner is cheating
  • When your possessions are stolen or tampered with
  • In the case of vandalism
  • When investigating fraud
  • When carrying out criminal investigations

A surveillance camera and an iPhone.

What Are The Common Types of Surveillance?

Surveillance can be carried out in a number of ways. Below, we will discuss the common types of surveillance.

Electronic Surveillance

In many cases as private investigators, we normally carry out electronic surveillance. This typically involves the use of electronic devices such as television, radios, and wiretapping of phones to document the activities of a suspect.

When carrying out electronic surveillance, we also monitor how the subject of the investigation uses their social media handles, email, and mobile phone.

Physical Surveillance

This is when private Investigators follow and/or watch a subject physically. When carrying out surveillance through physical observation, sometimes there are multiple investigators. The investigators can wear disguises and even go for stakeouts during the operation.

Holding Interviews

Investigators usually hold interviews with people who know the subject of the surveillance operation so as to gather as much information as they can about them.

During interviews, investigators usually talk to people with intimate knowledge of the subject such as co-workers, neighbors, friends and family members.

Technical Surveillance

This refers to the use of digital recordings such as audio, video, and photos. Some great examples of technical surveillance are the dashboard cameras used by law enforcement and miniature cameras that are used by private investigators.

What Are Some Of The Surveillance Methods Used By Clemson Private Investigators?

When obtaining information from a subject, private investigators usually employ different tactics in conjunction with the types of surveillance discussed above. The tactics include:

Overt Surveillance & Covert Surveillance

A great example of overt surveillance is the cameras that business owners install in their enterprises to deter customers from pilfering. On the other hand, covert surveillance refers to when a private investigator trails a subject without them being none the wiser.

Mobile Surveillance & Stationary Surveillance

When conducting mobile surveillance, private investigators usually follow their subjects physically. Investigators can do this while in a vehicle or on foot. When carrying out stationary surveillance, investigators usually remain in one location and watch the subject. For example, investigators can watch a subject from inside a parked vehicle.

Mechanical Surveillance & Human Surveillance

Mechanical surveillance involves the use of machines and equipment such as camcorders, cameras, and other recording devices. When a private investigator is personally involved in sourcing information on a subject, that is human surveillance.
Clemson Private Investigators will review everything including footage.

Why Do Private Investigators Carry Out Surveillance?

There are many reasons to conduct surveillance on a person, place or area. Some of them include:

  • To stop a crime from being carried out
  • To gather evidence on a crime that has already been committed
  • To obtain court evidence for civil case proceedings
  • To note down where a subject is at certain/all times
  • To gather information that may later be used in an interrogation
  • To obtain information to be used as evidence during court proceedings

Given that there has been a hike in crime, cases of infidelity, and, employee theft, one of the ways that you can stay safe and secure is through surveillance. Surveillance will give you proof when you are unsure about any issue. This way you can have better peace of mind about the employees who handle your cash, your kids and, the people around you.

How Will My Surveillance Request Be Handled?

On contacting our highly trained and skilled private investigators in the city of Clemson at Upstate Private Investigators, we will first have a sit-down, discuss what you want, and, understand what you expect from our investigation.

This will help us formulate a plan on how deep we should surveil the subject, the type of surveillance that will work best and the best tactics to use.

We will then carry out a detailed background check on the subject you want to be surveilled. At this stage, we will get to check out the name of the subject and aliases, their contact details, photos, physical description and if they have any relatives who live in close proximity.

We will then focus on finding out the schedule followed by the subject, their habits, and people that they are intimate or close with.

Our investigators will then focus on understanding the area where the surveillance will take place. We will do this by mostly going through photos and maps.

Having an intimate knowledge of the surveillance area is the best way we can guarantee that the entire operation will be successful.
We will then evaluate all the information at hand with a view of deciding the best equipment to use for the operation.

In some cases, we may have to use specialized equipment but in other instances, we may just need simple tools such as flashlights.

To ensure that the entire operation flows smoothly, our investigators will prepare a plan of action that is tailored specifically for your case.
We will then begin the surveillance operation taking care not to let the subject know that they are under surveillance.

For the duration of the operation, we will take exhaustive notes that will include dates and times so as to get the most accurate information on the subject and also provide accurate information to you.

Want to Know More About Surveillance? Contact Upstate Private Investigators Today!

If you are thinking of surveilling a subject, trust our licensed and comprehensively insured private investigators to get the job done right using the appropriate tools and tactics depending on your case.

Our team of investigators is well versed with the law and we often work with law enforcement so you do not have to worry that the information we collect is illegal. Upon engaging us, we will ensure that any evidence that we collect is admissible in a court of law.

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