Suspicious of Your Fiance? Get a Background Check With a PI

A background check can be a useful tool if used wisely.Getting married is a game changer. It means sharing your life with someone else, and no matter how much we think we know about someone, there are always things that stay hidden. The divorce rate in the US is increasing day by day because marriages are built on weak foundations.

Honesty should be the priority in every relationship. But, if you feel like your fiance is being suspicious or is hiding something from you, it is time for you to hire a professional private investigator in South Carolina and uncover the truth.

What Is a Pre-Marital Background Check?

This is an investigation carried out by a private investigator to uncover certain critical information about your spouse. The purpose is to give you a clear picture of your fiance’s past and present so you can be sure you’re making the right decision.

Why Do You Need a Pre-Marital Background Check on Your Fiance?

What can prompt you to run an investigative check on your fiance? Here are some common reasons and motivators:

Being Doubtful

Doubt can kill a relationship. If you want to be sure of your partner and enter a marriage with confidence. Removing these doubts is necessary.

Being Curious

Do you have a mysterious fiance? The very mysteriousness that draws you to them can become the source of negative curiosity for you in the future and cause a rift in the relationship. A pre-marital background check can ease your curious mind and tell you all you need to know about your fiance.

Being Secure

Marriage is a contract. It is a relationship for life for most of us and we can’t enter it having unknowns about the other person. If your fiance has issues discussing the past, chances are, there are things hidden that you should know about. A pre-marital background check can uncover these truths and ensure your lifelong security.

What Are Some Signs that Warrant a Pre-marital Backround Check?

Not everyone is in a relationship where they will feel like they need to have a private investigator look into their fiance’s past. There are always some clear warning signs and behaviors that will help you decide whether to take this step or not. We’re listing a few here:

  • Your fiance hasn’t introduced you to friends and family.
  • They are over possesive about you being touch with their friends and family.
  • They are defensive when you ask them a personal question.
  • They don’t tell you where they work and what they do.
  • You are unaware of their whereabouts.
  • They forget important details and evade conversion.

These are some telltale signs that your fiance may not be who you think they are and it’s time for you to hire a private investigator. 

What Information Can You Expect from a Pre-Marital Background Check?

You may have a list of some information that you need but generally, a private investigator can uncover the following things about a person:

  1. Criminal background information including any arrest records
  2. Any pending charges or warrants against the individual
  3. Records of property ownership
  4. Professional licenses and all records of employment
  5. Sex offender registeries
  6. Restraining orders and any records on domestic violence
  7. Divorce and marriage records
  8. A full report on finances


All this is crucial information that fiances should already have access to. But, if your fiance acts suspiciously and doesn’t put your mind at ease. It is best that you hire an experienced private investigator who will give you a full picture of the situation at hand.

Let Upstate Private Investigators Help You

An engagement is a fragile affair. You aren’t quite married yet, and the slightest suspicion can ruin your relationship. Here at Upstate Private Investigators, we have over 25 years of experience dealing with pre-marital background checks.

We understand the delicacy of these relationships and the need to be discreet in these situations. Our experienced private investigator will meet with you and understand all your requirements before proceeding. Our teams are trained to maintain secrecy at all times.

We use only the best equipment and techniques to ensure you get the information you need without compromising your relationship. Our team is at your disposal 24/7, ensuring that we act on your request immediately and put your mind at ease with the required information.

Are you suspicious of your fiance in South Carolina? Do you feel like there is information that they are keeping secret from you and you must uncover it? It is time for you to enlist help from a private investigator in South Carolina to run a comprehensive pre-marital background check for you.



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