What Is A Premarital Background Check?

With shows like “Who the (Bleep) did I marry?” and a high divorce rate, a premarital background check should become standard procedure. Unfortunately, many people dive into a relationship, not knowing who they’re dedicating the time to. Then after a few months or even years, they get married. What they don’t know is the outrageous spending habits, past marriages, ongoing affairs, and more.

A premarital background check is a checkmark on the self-safety list. You don’t want to get into a marriage with a spouse that will financially ruin you or put your career or physical self in danger. Don’t take the chance; talk to an upstate premarital investigator.

Abuse, Infidelity, Money, and Personal Values

There are four primary issues that come up in marriage and divorce. Abuse, infidelity, money, and personal values. Can you say that you and your future spouse are on the same page for all of these elements?

Money issues lead to stress, so it’s no surprise that this topic causes the most divorces in America, or at least contributes to the ultimate decision. People get divorced because of outstanding debt, spending habits, unknown accounts, and more. It’s not exclusively a lack of money that leads to divorce either. Sometimes it’s the desire for one spouse to be financially independent and having secret accounts.

If you’re getting married, then you’ve probably had many talks about financial matters already. But how well do you know this other person’s financial information?

How Does It Work?

Every premarital background check begins with a basic consultation. We’ll ask you to submit your case information, which is just a handful of details, and then we’ll work through a basic cost and what to expect during the process. We’ll talk about your relationship with this person, how long you’ve known them, and if you live together. Additionally, we’ll dive into what possible concerns. Understanding your concerns can help us ensure that we give you the most complete answers possible on those topics.

After that, the investigators will begin their investigation. They will:

  • Validate their identification and determine if this person uses aliases
  • Review for criminal history including charges and convictions for illegal activities
  • Determine if this person was married or divorced previously.
  • Assess what assets and liabilities they have to their name, including judgments and garnishments.

There are other elements to the investigation that may change or fluctuate based on the information available from the consultation.

What Should You Expect from A Premarital Background Check?

You should expect a judgment-free report that contains the full scope of information available on your potential future-spouse. It’s often that these investigations only turn up a few open credit card bills, maybe a past civil case for a car accident lawsuit, or a DUI. But many people are surprised when they learn that their partner was married before, or that they’re not actually divorced from their past spouse.

Make It Fun

Although it sounds unconventional, we’re living in unconventional times. Ask your spouse to get a background check with you. A background assessment will have financial information, past responsibilities, and more. It’s a fair way for you and your spouse to lay any cards on the table and talk openly about what a premarital report might find.

You can go in with your spouse together and then live with the anticipation of the results as you continue to plan your wedding. It can be fun if you treat these investigators in that manner. Not only will you and your future-spouse have one more exciting thing to share, but you’ll do so knowing that if any of your secrets come out, theirs will too.

How To Go About Hiring a Premarital Background Check Private Investigator

At Private Upstate Investigators, we always approach these situations with a sense of compassion. We know that everyone has secrets, and exposing those secrets can put a strain on an otherwise healthy relationship. But isn’t that the point? You don’t want a slow toxin demolishing your relationship only after you’ve put in five, seven, or even ten years of work.

We handle thorough premarital background checks so that you, and possibly your spouse as well, can know exactly what you’re getting into. We’re talking about making the playing field even for the marriage ahead of you. Sometimes it’s the best way to bring up a hard topic and to assess whether you’re really a good fit together. Call Private Upstate Investigators to talk about your upcoming wedding and what you’re hoping to achieve with an investigation.



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