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Well, your search ends here. The trusted investigators at Upstate Private Investigators bring years of investigative experience to solve your problems. Our services range from surveillance and fraud investigations to due diligence background investigations. Contact us today to schedule your free, initial consultation.

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What Types of Services Do You Provide?

Upstate Private Investigators offers the following services to our clients in Simpsonville, South Carolina:

Child Custody Investigation

If you are in a child custody battle, you simply can’t afford to leave anything to chance. You need dedicated professionals such as those at Upstate Private Investigators who truly care about you and your family to gather the evidence you need to obtain custody of your children.

Process Server

Proper process service is a critical aspect of any legal action. Having an impartial and experienced server who understands the legal requirements for effecting service is critical. At Upstate Private Investigators, we understand all these requirements and ensure that service is made without delay and that it complies with the applicable laws and court rules.


Do you suspect that your partner is not as faithful as you may have hoped? Are you concerned that something isn’t quite as it appears? If you enlist our surveillance services, you can get answers to all these questions and many others that you might have. At Upstate Private Investigators, we strive to help you find closure and answers.

Criminal Defense Investigations

If you are ever unfortunate enough to find yourself arrested and facing criminal charges, our criminal defense investigation will help you corroborate your alibi via witness statement, verifying police statements, locating and interviewing other possible witnesses, photographing crime scenes, and providing testimony in court if your lawyer considers this necessary.

Domestic and Adultery Investigation

It is not only difficult but also painful to find out that your partner is cheating. To help you find the truth, you need caring, dedicated professionals such as those at Upstate Private Investigators. We will get the answers you need and we treat all our cases with the utmost confidentiality. Your privacy is protected and you get to learn the truth.

Digital Forensics Consulting

Today, digital forensics often play a key role in all kinds of investigations. From criminal investigations to domestic cases, to allegations of fraud, we provide digital forensics consulting services to uncover evidence that’s critical to your case. At Upstate Private Investigators, we understand just how important it is to discover and preserve crucial data located on electronic devices and can help you secure the evidence you need.

GPS Investigations and Vehicle Tracking

At Upstate Private Investigators, we use the latest GPS equipment for real-time vehicle location monitoring 24/7. Our vehicle tracking capabilities makes it easier and more precise to follow a cheating spouse of just about anyone. Our GPS devices can pinpoint the location of a vehicle usually to within 50 feet and we can see the location from anywhere courtesy of remote monitoring and satellite imaging.

This is an image of Simpsonville private investigators using gps tracking on a vehicle

What Types of Surveillance Do You Practice?

At Upstate Private Investigation, we practice the following types of surveillance:

Hidden Camera Surveillance

We can install and monitor any size camera installation at your business premises, whether you are looking to keep track of supplies, watch out for shoplifters, or even monitor your employees. For families that have young children, we also offer nanny-cam services to help parents and guardians keep an eye on them.

On-Site Surveillance

If you like, we can also conduct personal surveillance at any location in Simpsonville, South Carolina, whether on site directly or even from a distance. Our service is particularly efficient in locations with repeated cases of vandalism or manufacturing venues, but this can actually be used for just about any location.

Tracking Surveillance

The tracking surveillance service that we offer at Upstate Private Investigators is the most popular in the trucking industry, with issues of missing shipments or fraudulent time logs. We can legally monitor any moving vehicle.

Why Should I Hire Simpsonville Private Investigators?

The top 5 reasons why you should consider hiring Simpsonville private investigators include:

Background Checks

Today, background checks are an important part of the due diligence process when getting into personal relationships, renting property, hiring, and more. Thorough background checks help in verifying the publicly available information on individuals and provide assurance that people are exactly who they claim to be.


Nobody likes to think that their employee is committing fraud or their partner is being unfaithful. Private investigators such as Upstate Private Investigators are often hired to either allay or confirm a client’s suspicion. The advanced technology that’s currently available allows discrete and comprehensive surveillance of suspected individuals.

Missing Persons

Law enforcement departments often lack the resources and time required to successfully solve missing person cases. A private investigator, on the other hand, can do much more such as conducting interviews, following up on leads, etc. to bring the cases to resolution. Our skilled Simpsonville private investigators are often able to find the person being sought even if they try “covering their tracks” by changing their appearance, names, etc.

Criminal Investigations

If you have ever had any run-in with the legal system in the United States, you will undoubtedly agree that it seems that the deck is stacked heavily in favor of the state. Fortunately, a private investigator can try to level the playing field a bit by examining the facts of the case, doing additional legwork, conducting additional interviews, and generally trying to provide you with the best possible defense.

Child Custody Cases

Matters that have to do with child custody tend to be some of the most complicated and difficult for the legal system. Often, such cases come down to a “he said, she said” type of situation. That’s why you need seasoned Simpsonville private investigators to come in and collect important evidence that can make all the difference.

This is an image of a confidential case file on the desk of Simpsonville private investigators.

What Types of Information Should I Share with the Simpsonville Private Investigators?

It is absolutely critical that you share as much information as possible about the subject of the investigation with the investigator. If you withhold important bits of information, this may have serious negative effects on the investigation.

The name and date of birth are obvious pieces of information you should share with investigators. Other pieces of information that may be useful for private investigators include prior work history, locations lived or visited for extended periods, Social Security Number, known relatives, etc.

How Much Do Simpsonville Private Investigators Cost?

The short answer is that it varies.

Simpsonville private investigators can charge either on an hourly basis or by a retainer. They could be working for an organization that includes extra fees for getting the entire team working for you, or they could be working for themselves.

If a private investigator charges an hourly rate, it will depend on their qualifications, experience, as well as location. Sometimes there is an hourly rate charged for surveillance services and a separate hourly rate for other services.

What Is the Process to Get Started with a Private Investigator?

To get started with a private investigator, here are the steps to follow:

Ask for Your Free Consultation

Private investigators usually offer clients free initial consultations. So, to get started, fill out the consultation request form online to speak to a private investigator. The investigator will help you understand if and how a private investigation will help you achieve the desired outcome and the likely cost of the case.

Share Information and Goals with the Simpsonville Private Investigators

The Simpsonville private investigators will determine what information and documentation is needed to get started with the investigation. Still, it is important to have important documents pertaining to the case already compiled to avoid delays. You should also be ready to summarize your goals and provide a comprehensive background for the party or parties being investigated.

Investigation Starts

Once you give your approval, the private investigator will commence the investigation that’s tailored with agreed-upon action yielding objectives. Everything will however be put in writing and you will be most likely be required to provide an agreed-upon retainer.

Case Updates

Communication is essential in keeping a client updated with what’s happening with the investigation. Specific times of communication via phone and/or email should thus be requested when drafting the contract. Still, the investigator should give you status updates and obtained information regularly.

Final Report

Once the investigation is completed, the Simpsonville private investigators will generate a report. Compiling your case report is perhaps the most important part of the investigation. A good private investigator ensures the utmost professionalism and accuracy when compiling the report.

Need Help from One of Our Simpsonville Private Investigators?

If you ever need reliable Simpsonville private investigators, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Upstate Private Investigators. We have been in business for many years and have a team of trained professionals ready to work on your case.

Contact us today for your free consultation either via phone or online using the contact form provided. Always remember that our consultations are always confidential and discreet no matter what the situation might be.

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