What are Some of the Signs that Your Employee is Involved in Embezzlement?

If you own a small or medium-sized business, the last thing you need is an employee who is stealing from you, making embezzlement a severe crime. A lot of times, employers don’t even discover that someone at their firm is stealing from them. Even if you have your suspicions, that doesn’t mean you can prove it. It also doesn’t mean you’ll be able to stop the flow of money out of your company. That’s why it’s a good idea to talk to a private investigator in South Carolina as soon as you have your suspicions.

The nice thing about hiring a private investigator is that they can be the bad guy. You don’t have to worry about acting suspiciously near your employees. Nor do you have to consult the culprit without solid evidence. Your private investigator has years of dealing with recalcitrant employees who insist they haven’t done anything wrong.

What Exactly is Embezzlement and How is it Different from Theft?

Embezzlement is when somebody, usually an employee, takes or misappropriates money that has been entrusted to them. It is almost always done in an employment situation. However, it can also happen in a non-profit organization, a charitable organization or even a community group. For example, there have been examples of parents embezzling from a school group or youth sporting association. The key to this sort of crime is the fact that somebody was entrusted with money but turned around and either stole it or misdirected it where it didn’t belong.

A lot of people confuse embezzlement with theft. The difference is that, with theft, the criminal was not entrusted with the money or property. Theft involves somebody who stole money or property from a third party with the sole intention of keeping that money or property.

Is it a Felony to Embezzle Money in South Carolina?

Embezzlement, especially of public funds, is a felony in South Carolina. It may depend on the amount of money stolen. When it comes to an employer, the authorities may ask the employer if they want to press charges. Some employers would rather not file a complaint and simply discharge the employee. Private investigators in South Carolina may recommend whether they think their client should file criminal charges. If the amount is small, it makes sense to simply dismiss the employee. However, if the monies involved are a large amount, then criminal action may be the best option. The same is true if the employee has been carrying on with the embezzlement for months or even years.

Are There Certain Things Your Private Investigator in South Carolina Will Look For?

There are certain tell-tale signs that somebody is embezzling from their employer. Your private investigator will look for these signs. They’ll also let you know what these signs are so you can detect this kind of criminal activity in the future. Some of the things to look out for when you suspect embezzlement include the following:

  • Customers insist they paid bills that are marked unpaid
  • Customer payments made without a receipt
  • Demands that clients or customers pay in cash
  • Missing documents, receipts and bills
  • Edited payroll records
  • Missing cash

If you notice any of these things, it’s a good idea to call a private investigator in South Carolina. They can review the evidence you have and let you know if there’s an issue. Once they identify the culprit, they can help you review surveillance to confirm your suspicions.

Talk to a Seasoned Private Investigator in South Carolina Immediately

Not only will you be angry when you find out one of your employees are stealing from you. You’re also going to be hurt. Who wants to think that someone they trust would deceive them in this way? Even if you have your suspicions, it can be hard to prove somebody is embezzling money from your firm. That’s why so many business owners rely on private investigator in South Carolina to do this for them.

Private investigators in South Carolina know what signs to look for when it comes to embezzlement. They have spent years or decades handling this type of case. They know how these people operate. They also know how many business owners are completely oblivious to this sort of behavior. Make sure to call your local private investigator. As soon as you start to suspect that one of your staff members are embezzling money, you need to call an experienced Greenville private investigator. Call right away and set up your free consultation.



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