How Can Private Investigators Help in Family Law Cases?

Family law encompasses several types of cases, each one characterized by specific challenges and complications. A few of the most common ones include divorces, child custody, adoptions, and paternity cases. A Greenville private investigator can offer a unique perspective and a range of important benefits when preparing to face someone in a family law case in court.

Is It Legal to Hire a Private Investigator in South Carolina?

South Carolina law states that hiring a private investigator in a family law case is legal, as long as a few prerequisites are met.

A person can work as a private investigator as long as they have a license from the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). Several qualification requirements have to be met for a professional to become licensed.

You can count on the investigative skills of such a professional. As long as they have a license, the information gathered prior to the case will be admissible in family court.

Key Aspects a Greenville Private Investigator Can Help With

Getting ready for a lengthy court battle, especially when a lot is at stake, involves meticulous preparation. Gathering evidence is essential and here’s where a private investigator can offer a lot of assistance. Some of the key ways in which a PI can speed up the preliminary steps include:

  • Evidence collection: Looking through records (both public and private), interviewing individuals, and collecting alternative kinds of evidence all fall under the PI’s job description.
  • Background checks: South Carolina private investigators can do thorough background checks and collect relevant information about individuals of interest. Additionally, investigators can conduct interviews or call various organizations that will provide additional information about someone’s background.
  • Witness interviews: Private investigators have the skills and the background data required to obtain valuable information from witnesses. For example, a private investigator can interview teachers, neighbors, babysitters, etc. to determine whether a child is safe or if they’re dealing with a dangerous situation at home.
  • Assessment of custodial/visitation interactions: A private investigator can be present during visitation interactions. This professional will be responsible for recording observations that can later on be used to assess the quality of the interaction between a child and a parent or a guardian.

Obviously, all of these steps will be conducted while the private investigator adheres to legal and ethical guidelines. When their job is done, a client will have enough evidence to build a strong case and support their claim in family court.

Private Investigators Can Also Testify in Court

It’s also important to point out that a Greenville private investigator can testify in court and present their findings.

Usually, private investigators will prepare a comprehensive report that features all of the information and the evidence they have gathered to support a claim.

In some instances, however, a testimony in person will also be needed to clarify some of that data.

A private investigator can be asked to testify as an expert witness to give a professional opinion or a recommendation derived from the evidence they’ve gathered. Such testimonies, for example, can be incredibly valuable whenever domestic violence has been identified or someone has violated a restraining order and has established themselves as a dangerous entity.

Contact an Experienced Private Investigator in a Family Law Case

Whether you’re dealing with the dissolution of your marriage, you’re attempting to establish paternity or you’re fighting for the custody of your children, a South Carolina private investigator can become a valuable ally.

Working with a private investigator will allow you to establish the truth beyond any reasonable doubt. Don’t let fate or luck determine your future. Contact us at 864-671-4040 for a free case evaluation.



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