How Will My Private Investigator Manage My Surveillance Request?

Many people seek out the help of private investigators for personal reasons, business purposes, and even concerns with the future of various relationships. However, initiating the process of a surveillance request is always the same. You will meet with a local private investigator, and they will explore exactly what you expect or suspect, and then they’ll get to work. They’ll use the fundamentals of surveillance and a variety of covert observation techniques to ensure that they capture everything possible relevant to your surveillance requests.

Now, most private investigators won’t give out their whole bag of tricks at once. Just as a magician won’t explain how a trick works, private investigators are rather private about how they conduct some of their business. But with certain fundamentals and principles which guide and investigator through surveillance have been largely unchanged over the years. What has changed substantially is the methods of communication and the extent of reporting.

Who Hires Private Investigators?

Who hires private investigators and why plays a substantial role in exactly how the surveillance happens. If you’re looking for support on an employee with an outstanding worker’s compensation claim, then the execution of the surveillance might seem a bit different than someone who wants to keep an extra close eye on their spouse.

Corporate offices will often seek out surveillance investigation assistance to ensure that there is no unsavory schemes or action against the business. Additionally, business professionals may seek out the help of a private detective to breakdown a pending legal case, or to help support a civil case at their filing.

Finally, it is common for people to hire private investigators to explore some veiled areas of their personal life. What does your spouse do all day? Is the person you’re going to marry, and are they hiding anything from you? Private detectives use a variety of surveillance techniques to answer key questions for their clients.

Fundamentals of Surveillance

The principles that guide surveillance have three actual techniques of conducting surveillance, which includes physical surveillance, technical surveillance, and digital surveillance. Through physical surveillance, the private investigator will evaluate the person’s behavior, and make notes on Their observations. Keep in mind that private investigators are purely there to observe and to report.

With the combination of audio and visual surveillance, or technical surveillance, a private investigator can not only listen to a subject’s conversations but get those conversations on a record. Modern technology has allowed private investigators to carefully conceal audio and video recording devices. That means that this method of surveillance is discreet and effective.

Digital surveillance Is something that’s been growing in popularity over the last 30 years period with a person’s online presence it is fairly easy to monitor their online behavior without being intrusive or invading the person’s privacy. Through Facebook, Instagram, and nearly every other platform for social media, you can track a person’s GPS location, assess their schedule, see who they have been interacting with, add more.

Cover Observation and Transparent Reporting

Observation must always be a covert. It is vital that the person involved in the investigation never know that someone come up much less a private investigator, is watching them. To do this, we use different vehicles for a variety of occasions, sending different people in to conduct surveillance, so there’s not the same face following them through town, and much more. With proven techniques, private investigators can develop the art of observing without intruding.

After the surveillance is complete, or complete to the best of the investigator’s abilities, they’ll create a report. You should always expect a full report from a private investigator, but it is also possible that you’ll receive updates or live information through text, email, or even phone calls. If something seems pertinent or that it would require immediate action, Then our investigators would reach out right away.

Putting in Your Own Private Investigator Surveillance Request

No matter your reasons, you can get a private investigator to help you. Initially, you work with this private investigator to make preparations for the surveillance. You may only need surveillance, or you may need a full-scale approach to an investigation. Surveillance is only one element of a private investigation But every successful investigation starts with data gathering and surveillance.

If you know that you need a private investigator to get involved, then call Upstate Private Investigators. With our team of expert P.I.s, you can Get all the help you need with thorough reports, extensive surveillance, and insight into the questions you have.



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