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Are you looking to hire a private investigator in Easley, South Carolina? Well, there are many benefits to hiring a private investigator, especially if it’s an issue that you can’t investigate on your own. Upstate Private Investigators LLC, should be your first choice when looking for Easley private investigators.

We are honest, professional, and dependable and are ready to help you in whatever service you might need today.

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What Types Of Services Do We Offer?

Feel free to call our Easley private investigators if you are looking for any of the following services in South Carolina:

Child Custody Investigation

Are you currently dealing with child custody negotiations? Well, our investigators can easily uncover a lot of useful information that will make a huge difference in your case. It’s important to fight for your rights when it comes to the custody of your children.

By hiring our company for private investigator services, you can improve your chances of getting a successful outcome.

Criminal Defense Investigations

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Well, you need the best private investigator on your criminal defense team to determine whether the matters pertaining to the case are true or not.

With our private investigators on your team, we can help you establish reasonable doubt and work with your defense lawyer to gather the necessary evidence for your case. We will also get in touch with key witnesses to get the relevant information for your case.

Domestic And Adultery Investigation

We have a team of licensed Easley private investigators who can handle all aspects pertaining to domestic and adultery investigations in South Carolina. If you are suspecting that your spouse is committing adultery, we are here to help.

We will give you the evidence you need to confront your spouse without a single doubt.

Employment And Background Checks

Are you an employer looking to do some background checks on potential employees? Are you a landlord looking to do some background checks on some potential tenants? Well, you need to do proper checks to make sure the person you are hiring or the tenant you are inviting to live in your home is a good choice.

Well, with Upstate Private Investigators, you can always count on the best background and employment checks in South Carolina. We will not leave any stone unturned.

Forensics Consulting

Digital forensics involves the preservation and simplification of the process used in data collection. We have a team of experienced private investigators who can give you the security and results you need during your data collection process.

We are ready to resolve any digital mistakes that might result in terrible consequences in evidence collection for criminal or civil cases. We will always follow the breadcrumbs and turn every stone until we uncover the truth.

Fraud/Theft/Undercover Operations

A lot of employers suffer theft by employees in the workplace. Most employers will not investigate these occurrences but will incur more expenses trying to cover them. As such, if you are an employer trying to avoid extra expenses when investigating employee theft, you should hire our private investigators in South Carolina.

We can help deter any misuse of employer resources by the employees and keep the workplace safe from any terrible habits. Our Easley private investigators are here to help.

GPS Investigations And Vehicle Tracking

This service is offered to law enforcement personnel or potential clients to help to track a subject. With our GPS investigations and vehicle tracking service, we can help you find the location of a subject and the time when they visited a particular place.

Since these investigations are sensitive in nature, we are in full compliance with local regulations and laws.

This is an image of easley private investigators using gps tracking on a vehicle

Polygraph Testing

In our line of work, we work with different types of people, businesses and companies. Our top priority is to ensure the protection of your business or family at all times. As such, we give you the chance to know everyone around you.

With our polygraph testing service, we can help you investigate suspicious people or shady circumstances around you. If you suspect infidelity, want to screen future employees, workplace theft or clear the reputation of accused people, take advantage of our polygraph testing services today.

Premarital Background Investigations

Divorce rates have increased globally. Most of these marriages are ruined because most of the spouses fail to recognize things about their partners right before the union. With our pre-marital background investigations, we can help you find anything you need to know about your spouse before getting married.

Our Easley private investigators are here to help out with whatever services you need before you get married.

Process Server

Any process server should have a proper understanding of the local, federal and state laws that are applicable when delivering legal documents. As private investigators, we are ready to step in as process servers whenever you need our services.

We understand the difference between documents that should be sent through the mail and those that should be hand-delivered. We will always perform our jobs efficiently, ethically, and legally.


Does your gut tell you that something is not adding up? Well, you might require some surveillance services to confirm what you already know. If you feel that your tenants or employees are up to no good, we are here to help.

Call our Easley private investigators to help you out with any surveillance needs you might have around Easley, South Carolina.

What Types Of Surveillance Do We Offer?

If you hire our Easley private investigators for surveillance needs, we can offer the following types of surveillance:

Electronic Surveillance

Through electronic surveillance, we rely on electronic devices such as TVs, radios and phone wiretaps to keep a record of the subject. We will also keep checking the subject’s social media profiles, emails and phones.

Physical Surveillance

Here, our investigators will follow the subject and watch closely. We might choose to put more investigators on the case so they can wear disguises or handle the job 24/7 without missing anything.

Holding Interviews

Our Easley private investigators will also hold interviews with people close to the case to get more information about the operation. Some of the interviewees include colleagues, family members, neighbors and friends.

This is an image of Easley private investigators watching video surveillance

Why Should I Hire Easley Private Investigators?

Are you unsure whether or not you can trust our company for whatever information you need? Well, here are some of the benefits of hiring a private investigator from Upstate Private Investigators In Easley, South Carolina:


We have been in the private investigation business for the last 25 years. Our expertise is unmatched in any type of service that you need. By hiring us, you can enjoy top-notch professionalism.

Quick And Efficient

Depending on the type of private investigative services you need, you can’t afford to take your time. by hiring our company, we can always guarantee quick and efficient results regardless of what you need.


As with most of our cases, we know that you demand privacy in any matter that you are currently facing. Well, by working with our private investigators, you can always rest assured that your matters will be handled discreetly and you will be accorded utmost privacy.

Call Upstate Private Investigators today and enjoy these and many more benefits of hiring private investigators in Easley, South Carolina.

What Is The Process of Getting Started With Easley Private Investigators?

First, you need to contact our company and get a free consultation. Whether you fill in the form on our website or call us, we are ready to connect you with our top representatives. During the free initial consultation, we will discuss freely with you about the case to get more information.

At this point, you need to share all relevant information you might have about your case so we have a proper understanding of where to get started.

Next, the investigation process will begin. Depending on the type of case you have brought before us, we will gather the relevant tools to make sure that no stone is unturned. We will offer you frequent updates about the case and make sure that you know what you are getting into.

Finally, we will give you the final report once we ascertain that there is nothing else to be discovered. After you receive the final report, you can make payments as discussed in the free consultation.

Call Our Easley Private Investigators Today for a Free Consultation

There are a lot of cases that require the assistance of private investigators. If you don’t have experience, you might not have an idea where to start. Well, thanks to Upstate Private Investigators in South Carolina, we are here to help. Depending on the type of service you need, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that you are completely covered.

Whether the report is required for a criminal or civil case, we will present you with the right information to avoid any hassles. Our services are efficient and quick so you can always use us for any emergency that you are currently going through.

We are here to help. Call us now and get a free consultation with the top Easley private investigators in South Carolina.

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