Investigative Services

Upstate Private Investigators, LLC offers a wide range of civil, domestic, and criminal investigative services including:

GPS Investigations / Vehicle Tracking

Sometimes you need to monitor certain individuals around the clock. With GPS tracking, Upstate Private Investigators can track cars, trucks, and service vehicles.

Domestic / Adultery Investigation

You deserve to know the truth if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. We offer a full range of domestic investigations to help put your mind at ease once and for all.

Polygraph Testing

Upstate Private Investigators, LLC are experienced in polygraph testing ranging from relationship issues to employment exams.

Child Custody Investigative Services

Upstate Private Investigators can help ensure your children end up in the right hands with a child custody investigation.

CCTV Surveillance Camera Systems

We can provide a Complete CCTV Surveillance Camera System for individuals or large companies.

Service of Process / Process Server

Servicing law firms, insurance companies, debt collection companies, and even individuals.

Pre-Marital Background Investigations

Make sure you know the person you are about to marry. We can help you make an informed decision.

Criminal Defense Investigations

We offer our complete investigative services to legal firms, so they can focus on the legal aspects f the case.

Background Checks

A simple background check can save your company thousands of dollars.


Upstate Private Investigators, LLC offers multiple types of surveillance with a tolerable risk/reward ratio.

Fraud, Theft, & Undercover Operations

We provide well-laid out surveillance, background checks, and undercover operations to combat fraud and theft.