Private Investigator in Greenville: Red Flags for Theft

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Most employers would like to think that their employees would never steal from them. It’s one thing if someone only worked for you for a few weeks. But to learn that a long-time employee is stealing from the company can be a very bitter pill to swallow. Not only will you have to address the […]

Greenville Private Investigators: Spouse Cheating Problems

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Years ago, when print magazines were still very popular, people would wait for the new issue of a certain magazine to come out so they could read the quiz inside. Almost every woman’s magazine included a quiz on whether or not their partner was being faithful. You would answer about 10 multiple choice questions and […]

Greenville Private Investigator: Evidence and Injuries

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A Greenville private investigator might be able to determine the truth of a matter. If you’re like most employers, you have three types of employees. You have those valued employees who have been with your company for years. They have shown their dedication time and time again. You know they would probably hide an injury […]

Cheating: Can a Private Investigator Find Evidence?


If you think your spouse is cheating, you probably have a million thoughts running through your mind. Part of you just wants to pretend nothing is going on. Another part of you wants to know every last detail of the affair. It’s not healthy to think like this. If you truly want to know if […]

Private Investigator in South Carolina: Divorce Research

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All too often, men and women wait until after they file for divorce to hire an Anderson private investigator. Unfortunately, by the time your spouse is served with the divorce complaint, they have already covered their tracks. It’s almost impossible at that point for a private investigator in South Carolina to gather any evidence to […]

South Carolina Private Investigator and Workers Comp Fraud

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It would be nice to think that every employee who submits a workers compensation claim is telling the truth about how their injury happened. Unfortunately, more people are committing workers compensation fraud today than ever before. You’d be surprised how many long-term employees have resorted to this sort of behavior. As much as you want […]

Should You Investigate Potential Theft From Employees?


No business owner wants to think that one of their employees would steal from them, much less investigate them for theft. This is especially true for smaller companies. When you interact with your staff on a daily basis, you never think they would do something like this to you. Unfortunately, no matter how much you […]

Cheating Spouse? Here’s How a Private Investigator Can Help

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One of the most common reasons people hire a private investigator is to help prove that their significant other is cheating on them. Usually, it’s a spouse who thinks their wife or husband has somebody on the side. Or it could be someone looking to file divorce but wants proof of their spouse’s infidelity first. […]

Hiring a Private Investigator for Your Criminal Case

Greenville Private Investigator Stamping Criminal Case Solved

If you’ve been charged with a crime – any crime- you could benefit from hiring a private investigator. Once the prosecutor has decided they have the right person in custody, they tend to stop looking for other suspects. While it isn’t as dramatic as the crime shows you see on television, it’s not all that […]

Premarital Background Investigation: Should You Get One?

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Most of the time, when a couple decides to get married, they just about everything about each other. They’ve known each other for years and have a good idea of what their collective debts and assets are. However, there are times when one of our clients fears they don’t know everything they should know about […]