Drug Use: As an Employer, What Are Your Options?

K9 services handlers with German Shepherd sniffer dogs

Drug use can have many consequences for businesses. It can hurt employee performance, lead to theft, and impair customer relationships. It can also be a severe safety issue in many workplaces. With our k9 drug detection services in Greenville, SC, Upstate Private Investigators can help you detect and investigate your work environment and employees for […]

Private Investigators in Greenville: Methods They Use

private investigators

Private investigators in Greenville, SC are equipped with the necessary skill set to find the information to solve a case or establish evidence of criminal activity. When considering hiring a private investigator or searching for an investigative agency, many people will wonder how an investigator can get the required information in an industry currently unregulated. […]

Impact of the Increasing Number of Domestic Violence Cases on Private Investigators

domestic violence

Domestic violence cases are no exception. Private investigators in Greenville, SC handle a wide range of cases, from investigating missing persons to tracking down insurance fraud. In most cases, Discreet Investigators are called in to assist in domestic violence cases. This is large because prosecutors often find it challenging to argue their cases in court. […]

Corporate Investigation: 5 Reasons to Hire a PI

Corporate Investigation investigator examining business documents

A corporate investigation isn’t a frequent practice in the workplace but sometimes, it’s a necessary step that must be taken to ensure the safety of the company and its assets. Company owners are responsible for everything that goes on in their company. However, it can be quite difficult to keep your eyes and ears on […]

How Does a Private Investigator Use the Internet to Track Down a Person?

Private investigator with laptop using internet to track someone

The internet is deep and enriched with information from the billions of users that utilize it every living second of the day. There is no doubt that the medium has proven useful in many ways including giving us access to goods and services from different parts of the world and providing us critical information. In […]

How Can Pre-Marital Background Save You From a Future Divorce?

pre-marital background check

Did you know that almost half the marriages in the US end up in a divorce? Of course, there are multiple reasons for this. But, more often than not, this happens because of something the two spouses never knew about each other or were intentionally hiding from before they were married. This situation can so […]

Hire the Right Employees with a Detailed Background Check

background check

You may be very familiar with marital background checks but an employee background check? Yes, they are a concept as well and a very important one. Context is what matters most in this case. For example, if you are hiring for a top-tier position in the company or the said company is undergoing a merger. […]

How Can a Private Investigator Help Prove Adultery?

Private investigator taking pictures for adultery investigation

Divorce rates are at an all-time high in the USA right now and most of these cases are due to one spouse cheating on the other, also known as adultery. Oftentimes, the innocent spouse is sure that the other one is cheating on them but due to lack of proof, they are unable to prove […]

The Role of a Private Investigator in Criminal Defense Cases

Private investigator desk with confidential envelopes

For criminal defense lawyers, building a strong defense and protecting their clients from a harsh sentence is one goal. A lot goes into achieving this goal and it’s done with the help of witnesses and paralegal staff working round the clock. A Greenville private investigator can do wonders to help a lawyer build a strong […]

Suspicious of Your Fiance? Get a Background Check With a PI

background check

A background check can be a useful tool if used wisely.Getting married is a game changer. It means sharing your life with someone else, and no matter how much we think we know about someone, there are always things that stay hidden. The divorce rate in the US is increasing day by day because marriages […]