The Role of a Private Investigator in Criminal Defense Cases

private investigator

For criminal defense lawyers, building a strong defense and protecting their clients from a harsh sentence is one goal. A lot goes into achieving this goal and it’s done with the help of witnesses and paralegal staff working round the clock. A Greenville private investigator can do wonders to help a lawyer build a strong […]

Suspicious of Your Fiance? Get a Background Check With a PI

background check

A background check can be a useful tool if used wisely.Getting married is a game changer. It means sharing your life with someone else, and no matter how much we think we know about someone, there are always things that stay hidden. The divorce rate in the US is increasing day by day because marriages […]

How Can Computer Forensics Help You Uncover Employee Theft?

Investigator touching computer forensics expert on screen

Computer forensics is not very well understood by non-specialists. We live in a digital world and most companies are shifting towards moving all data and most of the financial management to digital channels. With this, comes the danger of being embezzled by your employees, because if they can crack the code to shift money to […]

The Role of Surveillance in a Child Custody Case

surveillance by private investigator

There is no doubt that divorce cases are on the rise and for couples that have kids, they quickly turn into child custody cases. These cases are hard because kids are involved. Needless to say, each parent will quickly get busy proving that the other isn’t capable of taking care of their children. In such […]

Common Reasons for Infidelity and How Your PI Helps You

infidelity PI

Infidelity is wrong. Even people that are caught doing it will say so. Still, more than 40% of married couples in the US are plagued by it. Cheating on your spouse is emotionally taxing and it can leave a monetary dent in the form of a divorce as well. Yet, why do people still do […]

Why Would I Want to Run a Criminal Background Check on My Employees?

criminal background-check-employees

Some business owners don’t see the purpose of doing criminal background checks on their employees. It feels like an invasion of privacy. That’s why most small to medium businesses don’t bother. Not only does it feel imposing or rude to ask an employee to submit a background check, but it also costs money. A lot […]

Can a Private Investigator in Greenville Help With Terminating Alimony?

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It can be really frustrating to pay a huge amount of alimony to someone who doesn’t need it. When the court orders you to pay spousal support, you don’t have much say in the matter. They make their decision based on information supplied to them by both parties. You may have learned more information about […]

Do You Need Proof of Cheating to Get Divorced in South Carolina?

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When people decide to get divorced, they operate in one of two ways. Either they are amicable about it and treat their spouse with respect or they see the divorce as a battle that they must win. There’s nothing wrong with handling things in either fashion. It all has to do with your personality, marital […]

Do You Have to File Criminal Charges for Embezzlement?

employee theft

Finding out that an employee is embezzling from your company is hard. You want to be angry and call the police to arrest them and file criminal charges for embezzlement. On the other hand, you may have a long-standing relationship with this person. That’s when learning this sort of thing can hurt more than anger […]

What Is A Premarital Background Check?

What Is A Premarital Background Check? 1

With shows like “Who the (Bleep) did I marry?” and a high divorce rate, a premarital background check should become standard procedure. Unfortunately, many people dive into a relationship, not knowing who they’re dedicating the time to. Then after a few months or even years, they get married. What they don’t know is the outrageous […]