Can a Private Investigator in Greenville Help With Terminating Alimony?

private investigator

It can be really frustrating to pay a huge amount of alimony to someone who doesn’t need it. When the court orders you to pay spousal support, you don’t have much say in the matter. They make their decision based on information supplied to them by both parties. You may have learned more information about […]

Do You Need Proof of Cheating to Get Divorced in South Carolina?

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When people decide to get divorced, they operate in one of two ways. Either they are amicable about it and treat their spouse with respect or they see the divorce as a battle that they must win. There’s nothing wrong with handling things in either fashion. It all has to do with your personality, marital […]

Do You Have to File Criminal Charges for Embezzlement?

employee theft

Finding out that an employee is embezzling from your company is hard. You want to be angry and call the police to arrest them and file criminal charges for embezzlement. On the other hand, you may have a long-standing relationship with this person. That’s when learning this sort of thing can hurt more than anger […]

What Is A Premarital Background Check?

What Is A Premarital Background Check? 1

With shows like “Who the (Bleep) did I marry?” and a high divorce rate, a premarital background check should become standard procedure. Unfortunately, many people dive into a relationship, not knowing who they’re dedicating the time to. Then after a few months or even years, they get married. What they don’t know is the outrageous […]

Should You Explore Child Custody Private Investigation?

Should You Explore Child Custody Private Investigation?

Whether you’re trying to determine if the co-parent is following the custody order, or if you’re pushing for a change, consider an investigator. When you’re following someone or trying to dig through their online presence, it’s demanding on your time and might not come with substantial results. Professionals take a different approach. Child custody battles […]

How Exactly Do You Hire A Private Investigator?

How Do You Hire A Private Investigator?

There are plenty of reasons you might consider hiring a private investigator. Whether it’s to track a missing person, to find out what your spouse or employee is up to, or something else, a professional private investigator is a helpful way to find what you are looking for without drawing attention. But how do you […]