Domestic & Adultery Investigation

Adultery Investigation

Does your spouse go out late, or simply not return when he or she normally would? Do you hear him or her on the phone with someone you don’t know? Few things could be worse than suspecting your spouse of cheating on you with someone else. Proving it on your own can be incredibly difficult, particularly if you don’t know where to begin. If a person does not admit to cheating, then you’ve got no way to prove it until either someone slips up or your spouse actually decides to level with you. The other thing to remember is that even being suspicious of your spouse’s adultery means you should take steps to either prove or debunk it. That’s why Upstate Private Investigators, LLC is the perfect choice for your adultery investigation to put an end to the charade.

Adulterers take care to be discreet, meeting in secret locations or taking roundabout routes to get to their lovers. Finding their hideouts and rendezvous spots can be incredibly tough unless you follow them constantly, which is both time consuming and impractical.  Even worse, if you’re spotted while trying to get to the bottom of things, they’ll surely change their patterns and you’ll have to start all over again.

You deserve to know the truth, and you deserve to take action if your suspicions prove to be correct.  But that doesn’t mean you need to discover it on your own. Upstate Private Investigators, LLC is ready to help you find the truth using the latest in surveillance techniques and equipment during an adultery investigation in Anderson SC and surrounding areas.


Domestic Investigations

Has a loved one gone missing and are the cops dragging their feet? Has an ex that owes you alimony vanished and you think he or she is just hiding? Have you had a child run away from home, and are you desperate to locate them? Upstate Private Investigators, LLC is fully prepared to help with a wide range of domestic investigations that can put your mind at ease once and for all.


Any marriage requires work to succeed, yet despite even the best of efforts, they occasionally do fail. If the reasons are mutual and mature, then people can part on good terms and keep the volatility of divorce proceedings to a minimum. Unfortunately, there are times when divorce stems from infidelity, abuse, and other disheartening factors.

These factors change the name of the game entirely, particularly when dealing with alimony and palimony payments. In a court of law, you can’t just tout an allegation without being able to prove it.  Proving abuse is usually not difficult, simply because you can take photographic evidence to prove you have actually been struck.

Upstate Private Investigators, LLC is one of the states leading private investigation firms, specializing in both domestic and corporate investigations. People throughout the United States have turned to our team of discreet, professional, and highly experienced investigators. We have played a major role in helping many of our clients win settlements by proving the guilt or innocence of their spouses. Upstate Private Investigators, LLC can help.